Mk1 Escort Wiring Loom & Upgrades.

We got a call a from a customer, having a few wiring issues with his recently rebuilt Mk1 Escort. He was having a spot of bother with the wiring loom, various little gremlins, the worst being that it wouldn't start!

Mk1 Escort wiring loom rebuild
We did an initial home visit to the customer, and soon discovered that it would require a trip to the workshop, there was just too much to do sensibly at the clients house. We organised to go over and collect the vehicle on our trailer at a time that was convenient.

During the wait, the customer had come up with a nice list of things that required our attention! We ended up rebuilding the wiring loom under the bonnet, and re-organising some interior loom that was in a bad state of repair. Over the years it had gained some DIY attempts at the loom which were unfused. We rectified these issues. We also fitted an electronic ignition system, and fitted a new rev counter to the vehicle.

In addition we ended up fitting a new cam belt, and fitting some seatbelts to the rear of the vehicle.


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